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Peaches And Carrots…

30 Aug

…the less appealing cousin of Peaches and Cream.

Today was school picture day so I got all dressed up (i.e. put pants on) and went on my way. My streak of no make up has been going on for… 15 years and 2 months. Pretty good if I do say so myself!


Once I got home, it was time for more summer homework (don’t you hate how physics takes up to half an hour PER PROBLEM?) and then lunch!


I cooked up some carrot fries and then looked for hummus in the fridge. NO HUMMUS. I really didn’t understand what was going on at first, we always have hummus in the house.

IMG_1215My plans for a Mediterranean sandwich flew out the window and in came an almond butter and peach sandwich. Summery!


The fries were served up with ketchup and organic barbeque sauce. I think the carrots went a little bad though, they tasted off!

For desert, three dates with almond butter and a small square of dark chocolate. I have to admit, I did eat a spoonful of plain almond butter. I can’t resist that stuff! Nobody’s perfect… right?

Plans for dinner? I have no idea. Any recommendations?*

*I love how I’m talking as if anyone actually reads my blog. I might just be stunned into silence if I ever get a comment, haha!