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Sometimes I…

5 Sep

I want to start something new. “Sometimes I” Sundays. And, as Labor Day, today practically counts as Sunday, right?


Sometimes I eat way too much oatmeal and run the house out of anything but frozen blueberries.


Sometimes I make the ghetto-cousin of sweet potato fries: carrot chips.


Sometimes I line things up in size order even though they were all mixed up in a bowl and it takes way too much time. Sometimes I immediately pull them out of the oven and into a garbled heap on my lunch plate too.


Sometimes I have tea parties with my sister, drink way too much caffeine, and find pictures of myself making stupid faces later.


Sometimes I make pretty designs in my oatmeal for no particular reason. Sometimes I take a picture of my oatmeal while I’m walking up the stairs because I’m hungry and want to eat it now.


On an unrelated note, sometimes I plan spontaneous trips to Arizona. Won’t be able to update tomorrow because I’ll be in the middle of a desert!


Random Eats

4 Sep


Things I’ve eaten in the past 48 hours


A bland cranberry oatmeal.


Despite looking like one of the more attractive oatmeal breakfasts, this was… eurgh.


Some extremely colorful lunch dishes. Carrot pureed soup, salad and multigrain bread. I’m going to be straight with you, I ran my spoon through that soup dish at least 20 times trying to make the swirls look swirlier. Doesn’t it look sort of like a rose? Is it just me because I spent so much time looking at it?


Half a Bali Indonesian Wrap from the Veggie Grill. It was sort of bland to be honest, I smothered it in Annie’s BBQ sauce. I DO love tempeh though. I’ve got to see about buying and preparing some myself.


Watery cranberry oatmeal too. I am SO sick of cranberries but I don’t feel right not eating oatmeal in the morning.  I made tomorrows with absolutely NO cranberries, thank goodness!

I had lots of other snacks and such. Including way too much dark chocolate because that is my movie theatre snack of choice and I saw two movies: Midnight in Paris and Fright Night. I was scared to death during Fright Night but my friend-that’s-a-boy-but-not-exactly-a-boyfriend-but-pretty-much-as-close-as-it-gets made a really cute recommendation. He couldn’t make it to the movie so he told me to hold my phone because he would be holding his and it would be like holding each other’s hands. Adorable and cheesy, right?

I definitely prefered Fright Night though, there were just NO likable characters in Midnight in Paris. Everyone was too romantic/idealistic or too factual and… sigh. Both were fun though. Great way to celebrate my sister’s birthday!

Valentine’s Oats

1 Sep


If nothing else, I found a recipe to make on Valentine’s Day! Raspberries, chia seeds, oats and almond milk! It wasn’t my favorite but not bad either.

For lunch, I had leftovers of that tofu, okra, tomato sauce dish last night. I cannot get enough of it! Especially with a piece of bread ripped up and mixed it, like a perfect stew.


In honor of the first of September and therefore, the first of fall (in my mind), I made Curried Carrot Soup! Carrots, onion, garlic, curry and sesame oil is all it needed but I also added some chickpeas for protein. It was the most colorful dinner I had in awhile.

All through through the day, I must’ve had at least 5 figs. My tongue feels SO odd right now, all tingly!

I was exhausted all day today, remind me not to stay up until 1 am on Skype! It’s becoming an almost nightly thing these days.

I finished another chapter of my summer homework and just have one left. I am NOT going to have a fun time in these classes, I think I got myself into a little bit too deep water.

We’ll see!


31 Aug


Possible post titles:

Why Is It Fun to Take Pictures of Oatmeal?


You Can Never Have Too Many PeachesIMG_1223

Oatmeal: The least pretty, most delicious breakfast food


A Tale of Poor Lighting


I Still Have No Idea What to Make For Lunch

While I have you here, go check out Katie’s giveaway! Especially if you like Larabars. And if you don’t, you could always send them to me! Haha, just kidding. Sort of.

Overnight Oatmeal Tutorial

30 Aug

Step One – cut a hole in the box Put some fruit in your bowl, fruit-on-the-bottom style!


Step Two – Put 1/3 cup of oats (or so) on top of the fruit!


Step Three – Add a binding agent such as ground flax or chia seeds (I used both)


Step Four- Add some more fruit because you really like fruit.


Step Five- Add enough milk to cover everything and then some.


Step Six- (am I staying in number order?) WHISK AWAY! This is the fun part, I usually bounce around the kitchen while whisking and end up spilling half my bowl on my clothes. Whoops!


Step Seven – Realize that you added too much milk so add some more binders. Also, throw some cinnamon while you’re at the spice drawer.IMG_1210

This was my breakfast today! It was really sweet and delicious without ANY added sugar. My favorite kind of breakfast.

For lunch, I prepped some carrot fries. They’re still baking right now. I’ll probably eat them with some BBQ sauce and for the entrée, a open-faced Mediterranean sandwich with cucumbers and olives? We’ll see!

Best Oats Yet

28 Aug

Last night, after having a late lunch, I wasn’t too hungry for dinner so I listened to what my body wanted and just had a nutrient-packed green monster and some fresh fruit. I managed to stay away from all the chocolate that my family bought and just had a small piece of dark chocolate. Delicious!

After dinner, I made an overnight oat bowl for the next morning and boy, was I ever looking forward to it!


This didn’t look very appealing but believe me, it was my best yet! Every bite had a little bit of something tasty and it was just fantastic.


In the bowl, I had oats, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a third of a peach, a handful of white raisins and a handful of cranberries. All topped up with cinnamon and absolutely no sweetener, the fruits were enough.

Funny story, I woke up at 6:30 to the sunrise and a grumbling stomach so I ate this up, read a few blogs, then fell back asleep for 5 (!!) hours. By then, it was practically time for lunch.


I made a little snack plate with a sandwich thin spread with hummus, a red pepper (didn’t eat the whole thing, I think the hummus had gone bad!), and a spinach pancake. That was a frozen product but it only had about 6 ingredients and tasted SO great.

I think I’m going bowling later today but I really hope not. Bowling alley’s never have any healthy choices and the ‘rents will probably want to go out to eat afterwards. I’m really more comfortable making my own food.

What about you? Do you prefer preparing your own meals or having someone else prepare them for you?

Dressed-Up Shopping

27 Aug

Last night for dinner, I had a Chinese-inspired dish with eggplant and quinoa. I didn’t get a chance to ask my mom for the recipe but it was so good that she’ll probably make it again soon and I’ll be sure to steal it! The dish didn’t look too pretty but it was amazing!


After dinner, I watched some Charmed with the family which was a fun way to unwind after my last day of work! Finally, I get to enjoy the summer for one week before my school starts up again.

Before I went to bed, I did a bunch of planks, crunches, and other ab exercises that my chiropractor recommended to me. They were hard! I was definitely sweating towards the end of the work out but part of that was because of the fact that the house was 94 (!!!) degrees. Talk about a hot day! It’s time like this that I miss having A.C.

Today, I woke up and got dressed for success. Since I haven’t put a picture of myself up yet, here it is! This is me, everyone. Ignore the fact that I look about 12, it’s all those darn braces!


I had a peach and orange at about 7:30 when a text woke me up. Later, at 10 or so, I had the rest of Silverhill Squirrely bread (this stuff is my favorite!) we had in the bag with peanut butter and my mom’s home made jam. OH MY GOODNESS. I love that jam so much! Not too sweet, plenty of strawberry chunks and it just tastes homemade, you know what I mean?


While I ate, I started making a list of the Day Zero Project (check it out, it’s really cool!) . Basically, you chose 101 goals that you want to complete in the next 1001 days. I only have 50 or so tasks right now but I’m excited. It’ll help me make sure I’m actually doing something with my life and not just letting these amazing years pass me by.

After breakfast, I went on a bike ride to the local Sprout’s which is basically a mixture of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. I love shopping there, it’s nearby, clean, and well-stocked with health foods. Where else can I go get chia seeds?

Because I’m a total dork and I haven’t been able to dress up for awhile, I put on a dress just for grocery shopping. Who’s going to stop me?


After I bought some Hemptation Bread, chia seeds, and royal jelly (for my mom), I decided to stop by the local pet store and drop off my application. I decided that I wanted to start volunteering in the adoption area seeing as my parents won’t let me have a pet. This is the next best thing. I got some really great news while I was there but I’ll save that for my next post because this one is getting pretty long.

Hope you all had a fantastic day!