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Summer Fruits

29 Aug

Another post that I start way too late at night and has no pictures. Oh. I’ll work on it, I swear!

Lunch today was a smoothie with almond butter and strawberries and YUM. It was such a pretty pink, I wish I had gotten a picture!

Afternoon snack was a peach and the last apple in the house. That, I did take a picture of!


Enjoyed straight from my lap! I think it was a Pink Lady but I can’t be sure.

Dinner was an Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna. I know, I know, I’m a bad food blogger, eating frozen prepacked dishes but I had a busy busy day and they taste SO GOOD. I enjoyed every last bite.

Desert was another peach (geez, I LOVE summer fruits) and two dates.

Tomorrow, I have an overnight oats tutorial to post. I also have orientation at my school which means I  have a busy morning. The perfect type of day for overnight oats. :D

Night and namaste!



I Do Not Like Prunes, Melody I Am

29 Aug

I thought I was totally brilliant when I dug through my cupboards last night.  As usual, I was making my nightly overnight oats. Raisins, check! Cranberries, check! Oats and milk, check! Then, I see another type of dried fruit: prunes! Why not, I was thinking, and threw a few right in!



complete with a sprinkling of cinnamon

I was trying too many new things at once. It was a new brand of oats (which were delicious, thank you very much) and why was a using dried fruit in the middle of the summer? I have tons of peaches! But, I took the risk. Apparently, dried fruits absorb a lot of liquid, who knew? The oats were solid and crumbly, not pudding-like which is how I like them.


blurry windowsill shots are my favorite

Regardless of all that, I still really liked them. Can I just gush for a minute about these plump, delicious, white raisins? I totally stole them from my mom’s part of pantry but YUM.

All washed down with cup after cup of what I like to call Poor Girl’s Lemonade. A cup or two of plain or sparkling water and a squirt of lemon juice. Sure, we have sugar in the house but too much sugar makes me INCREDIBLY fidgety and this way, I get all the refreshing qualities of lemonade and none of the less-than-desirable side effects.

With the fruit-heavy oatmeal and tons of water, I wasn’t hungry again until just before noon when I started prepping lunch which I’ll show you in my next post.

In a few hours, I have a massage and adjustment at the chiropractor. Oops! I haven’t really been keeping up with the exercises he recommended to me, better get those abs working right now.

Bad Blogger

28 Aug

I’m pretty new at this still! So basically, I manage to forget to take a picture of a single thing I ate today. Which means this post will be purely for me.

Afternoon snack: two dates with almond butter, a handful of cherries, peach

Dinner: eggplant w/ quinoa dish, cherries, another date,

Night snack: 3 cups of grapes, tiny piece of dark chocolate

This was all accompanied with cup after cup of lemon water! I mix bubble* water with a squirt of lemon juice and it’s so much fun to drink! Lately, the water in our filter has been tasting a little sediment-y so this is a nice alternative. I’m going to drink myself poor if I keep buying Perrier though!

Something I’ve noticed: No matter how healthily I eat for that day, some nights I just have this crazy urge to eat everything in the house! I’m getting better at controlling it and just having a few fruits or a small bowl of cereal these days but geez, what is it about me? I’m trying to just skim through all the nutrients my body could be deficient on and therefore, craving but I can’t think of anything! Any ideas?

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about a mantra I’ve picked up that has SERIOUSLY improved my life.

Until then, here’s a picture of me trying to take a picture of my hair in the wind and sun.


Awkward! This one’s a little better.


Haha, there we go. Now there’s three unflattering pictures of me on this blog.

Hello world!

22 Aug

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