Looking Unappealing

31 Aug


Man, I just have this thing where I can’t eat anything that doesn’t look like dirt and rocks on bread. Oh eggplants, how can you look so bad and taste so good?


Mmm. Served with a salad of cukes, tomatoes and pico de gallo. With desert of a couple cherries.

After lunch, I went to costco where I, of course, partook in the samplings. Most interesting was a veggie burger in the protein aisles! I always scout the grounds and come back to my mom with the daily assortment of chicken burgers, greasy sausages and fish dumplings but I was never able to eat much. I was really happy to see that there because I just ran out of veggie burgers a week ago and my protein had been a little low.

Other notable snacks included Annie’s fruit snacks (not how my childhood self remembered them!), Blendtec-made almond milk (note to self: make this!), clumpy muscle milk (oh god, what did I just drink?), and a fudgesicle. You can’t go wrong with fudgesicles.

When I got home, I had a glass of agua fresca. Not quite how I remembered it but that’s probably because the only three ingredients we used with overripe cantaloupe, underripe watermelon and ice.

agua fresca

Pretty drink ever, hands down.

For dinner, tomato sauce, okra and tofu.


Balanced and tasty!


Desert was a piece of dark chocolate.



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