Summer Fruits

29 Aug

Another post that I start way too late at night and has no pictures. Oh. I’ll work on it, I swear!

Lunch today was a smoothie with almond butter and strawberries and YUM. It was such a pretty pink, I wish I had gotten a picture!

Afternoon snack was a peach and the last apple in the house. That, I did take a picture of!


Enjoyed straight from my lap! I think it was a Pink Lady but I can’t be sure.

Dinner was an Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna. I know, I know, I’m a bad food blogger, eating frozen prepacked dishes but I had a busy busy day and they taste SO GOOD. I enjoyed every last bite.

Desert was another peach (geez, I LOVE summer fruits) and two dates.

Tomorrow, I have an overnight oats tutorial to post. I also have orientation at my school which means I  have a busy morning. The perfect type of day for overnight oats. :D

Night and namaste!



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