Bad Blogger

28 Aug

I’m pretty new at this still! So basically, I manage to forget to take a picture of a single thing I ate today. Which means this post will be purely for me.

Afternoon snack: two dates with almond butter, a handful of cherries, peach

Dinner: eggplant w/ quinoa dish, cherries, another date,

Night snack: 3 cups of grapes, tiny piece of dark chocolate

This was all accompanied with cup after cup of lemon water! I mix bubble* water with a squirt of lemon juice and it’s so much fun to drink! Lately, the water in our filter has been tasting a little sediment-y so this is a nice alternative. I’m going to drink myself poor if I keep buying Perrier though!

Something I’ve noticed: No matter how healthily I eat for that day, some nights I just have this crazy urge to eat everything in the house! I’m getting better at controlling it and just having a few fruits or a small bowl of cereal these days but geez, what is it about me? I’m trying to just skim through all the nutrients my body could be deficient on and therefore, craving but I can’t think of anything! Any ideas?

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about a mantra I’ve picked up that has SERIOUSLY improved my life.

Until then, here’s a picture of me trying to take a picture of my hair in the wind and sun.


Awkward! This one’s a little better.


Haha, there we go. Now there’s three unflattering pictures of me on this blog.


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