Let’s Get it Started

26 Aug

I’ve been putting off making this first post for almost a month! I figure the best thing to do is just get it out of the way and hope regular blogging follows naturally.

Hi, I’m Melody and more information is on my about me page. Shorter version: I’m a 15 year old girl with a huge passion* for healthy living. More specifically, healthy eating. I wish I could say I was also a runner, biker, triahtlete, gymnast, anything! but I’m really not. I dabble in every sport and love them all. Right now, I’m training for a triathlon, a 5k obstacle course, and participating in a few dance classes. I’m also preparing for cheer leading tryouts.

This blog will primarily be a journal-type outlet that I can use to keep track of my goals, some of which include the triathlon, eating close to the source, and choosing to be a more positive person.

I really hope that I’m soon able to experience the amazing blogging community that so many of you gush about.

Until then, I should probably get posting! Starting tonight, I’ll have pictures of me, my food and my life.




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