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Looking Unappealing

31 Aug


Man, I just have this thing where I can’t eat anything that doesn’t look like dirt and rocks on bread. Oh eggplants, how can you look so bad and taste so good?


Mmm. Served with a salad of cukes, tomatoes and pico de gallo. With desert of a couple cherries.

After lunch, I went to costco where I, of course, partook in the samplings. Most interesting was a veggie burger in the protein aisles! I always scout the grounds and come back to my mom with the daily assortment of chicken burgers, greasy sausages and fish dumplings but I was never able to eat much. I was really happy to see that there because I just ran out of veggie burgers a week ago and my protein had been a little low.

Other notable snacks included Annie’s fruit snacks (not how my childhood self remembered them!), Blendtec-made almond milk (note to self: make this!), clumpy muscle milk (oh god, what did I just drink?), and a fudgesicle. You can’t go wrong with fudgesicles.

When I got home, I had a glass of agua fresca. Not quite how I remembered it but that’s probably because the only three ingredients we used with overripe cantaloupe, underripe watermelon and ice.

agua fresca

Pretty drink ever, hands down.

For dinner, tomato sauce, okra and tofu.


Balanced and tasty!


Desert was a piece of dark chocolate.




31 Aug


Possible post titles:

Why Is It Fun to Take Pictures of Oatmeal?


You Can Never Have Too Many PeachesIMG_1223

Oatmeal: The least pretty, most delicious breakfast food


A Tale of Poor Lighting


I Still Have No Idea What to Make For Lunch

While I have you here, go check out Katie’s giveaway! Especially if you like Larabars. And if you don’t, you could always send them to me! Haha, just kidding. Sort of.

Leafless Salad

30 Aug

I remember when I didn’t like salads. When I thought they were just lettuce and limp chicken. Most of my salads don’t even have lettuce anymore! For example, tonight’s dinner.


In the bowl, I have some tomato, cucumber, and underneath: green peas! Just a bit of salt on top finished it up.


Once I made a little room in the bowl, I mixed in the corn. I miss the days that I could eat corn on the cob but these pieces make it absurdly fun for a vegetable.


Later, I realized that I didn’t have an protein at dinner so I has a half cup of kashi cereal and a spinach pancake.

I’ve definitely been noticing that I’m choosing to eat a vegan diet. A few years ago, I dropped red meat. Then poultry. A month or two ago, I dropped fish. Now I’ve been choosing less and less animal products. I don’t drink milk, eat yogurt, butter, or eggs anymore. I have to admit, giving up cheese is going to be killer. And I haven’t been adamant about dairy products in prepared foods either.

We’ll see how it goes though!

Peaches And Carrots…

30 Aug

…the less appealing cousin of Peaches and Cream.

Today was school picture day so I got all dressed up (i.e. put pants on) and went on my way. My streak of no make up has been going on for… 15 years and 2 months. Pretty good if I do say so myself!


Once I got home, it was time for more summer homework (don’t you hate how physics takes up to half an hour PER PROBLEM?) and then lunch!


I cooked up some carrot fries and then looked for hummus in the fridge. NO HUMMUS. I really didn’t understand what was going on at first, we always have hummus in the house.

IMG_1215My plans for a Mediterranean sandwich flew out the window and in came an almond butter and peach sandwich. Summery!


The fries were served up with ketchup and organic barbeque sauce. I think the carrots went a little bad though, they tasted off!

For desert, three dates with almond butter and a small square of dark chocolate. I have to admit, I did eat a spoonful of plain almond butter. I can’t resist that stuff! Nobody’s perfect… right?

Plans for dinner? I have no idea. Any recommendations?*

*I love how I’m talking as if anyone actually reads my blog. I might just be stunned into silence if I ever get a comment, haha!

Overnight Oatmeal Tutorial

30 Aug

Step One – cut a hole in the box Put some fruit in your bowl, fruit-on-the-bottom style!


Step Two – Put 1/3 cup of oats (or so) on top of the fruit!


Step Three – Add a binding agent such as ground flax or chia seeds (I used both)


Step Four- Add some more fruit because you really like fruit.


Step Five- Add enough milk to cover everything and then some.


Step Six- (am I staying in number order?) WHISK AWAY! This is the fun part, I usually bounce around the kitchen while whisking and end up spilling half my bowl on my clothes. Whoops!


Step Seven – Realize that you added too much milk so add some more binders. Also, throw some cinnamon while you’re at the spice drawer.IMG_1210

This was my breakfast today! It was really sweet and delicious without ANY added sugar. My favorite kind of breakfast.

For lunch, I prepped some carrot fries. They’re still baking right now. I’ll probably eat them with some BBQ sauce and for the entrée, a open-faced Mediterranean sandwich with cucumbers and olives? We’ll see!

Summer Fruits

29 Aug

Another post that I start way too late at night and has no pictures. Oh. I’ll work on it, I swear!

Lunch today was a smoothie with almond butter and strawberries and YUM. It was such a pretty pink, I wish I had gotten a picture!

Afternoon snack was a peach and the last apple in the house. That, I did take a picture of!


Enjoyed straight from my lap! I think it was a Pink Lady but I can’t be sure.

Dinner was an Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna. I know, I know, I’m a bad food blogger, eating frozen prepacked dishes but I had a busy busy day and they taste SO GOOD. I enjoyed every last bite.

Desert was another peach (geez, I LOVE summer fruits) and two dates.

Tomorrow, I have an overnight oats tutorial to post. I also have orientation at my school which means I  have a busy morning. The perfect type of day for overnight oats. :D

Night and namaste!


I Do Not Like Prunes, Melody I Am

29 Aug

I thought I was totally brilliant when I dug through my cupboards last night.  As usual, I was making my nightly overnight oats. Raisins, check! Cranberries, check! Oats and milk, check! Then, I see another type of dried fruit: prunes! Why not, I was thinking, and threw a few right in!



complete with a sprinkling of cinnamon

I was trying too many new things at once. It was a new brand of oats (which were delicious, thank you very much) and why was a using dried fruit in the middle of the summer? I have tons of peaches! But, I took the risk. Apparently, dried fruits absorb a lot of liquid, who knew? The oats were solid and crumbly, not pudding-like which is how I like them.


blurry windowsill shots are my favorite

Regardless of all that, I still really liked them. Can I just gush for a minute about these plump, delicious, white raisins? I totally stole them from my mom’s part of pantry but YUM.

All washed down with cup after cup of what I like to call Poor Girl’s Lemonade. A cup or two of plain or sparkling water and a squirt of lemon juice. Sure, we have sugar in the house but too much sugar makes me INCREDIBLY fidgety and this way, I get all the refreshing qualities of lemonade and none of the less-than-desirable side effects.

With the fruit-heavy oatmeal and tons of water, I wasn’t hungry again until just before noon when I started prepping lunch which I’ll show you in my next post.

In a few hours, I have a massage and adjustment at the chiropractor. Oops! I haven’t really been keeping up with the exercises he recommended to me, better get those abs working right now.

Bad Blogger

28 Aug

I’m pretty new at this still! So basically, I manage to forget to take a picture of a single thing I ate today. Which means this post will be purely for me.

Afternoon snack: two dates with almond butter, a handful of cherries, peach

Dinner: eggplant w/ quinoa dish, cherries, another date,

Night snack: 3 cups of grapes, tiny piece of dark chocolate

This was all accompanied with cup after cup of lemon water! I mix bubble* water with a squirt of lemon juice and it’s so much fun to drink! Lately, the water in our filter has been tasting a little sediment-y so this is a nice alternative. I’m going to drink myself poor if I keep buying Perrier though!

Something I’ve noticed: No matter how healthily I eat for that day, some nights I just have this crazy urge to eat everything in the house! I’m getting better at controlling it and just having a few fruits or a small bowl of cereal these days but geez, what is it about me? I’m trying to just skim through all the nutrients my body could be deficient on and therefore, craving but I can’t think of anything! Any ideas?

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about a mantra I’ve picked up that has SERIOUSLY improved my life.

Until then, here’s a picture of me trying to take a picture of my hair in the wind and sun.


Awkward! This one’s a little better.


Haha, there we go. Now there’s three unflattering pictures of me on this blog.

Best Oats Yet

28 Aug

Last night, after having a late lunch, I wasn’t too hungry for dinner so I listened to what my body wanted and just had a nutrient-packed green monster and some fresh fruit. I managed to stay away from all the chocolate that my family bought and just had a small piece of dark chocolate. Delicious!

After dinner, I made an overnight oat bowl for the next morning and boy, was I ever looking forward to it!


This didn’t look very appealing but believe me, it was my best yet! Every bite had a little bit of something tasty and it was just fantastic.


In the bowl, I had oats, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a third of a peach, a handful of white raisins and a handful of cranberries. All topped up with cinnamon and absolutely no sweetener, the fruits were enough.

Funny story, I woke up at 6:30 to the sunrise and a grumbling stomach so I ate this up, read a few blogs, then fell back asleep for 5 (!!) hours. By then, it was practically time for lunch.


I made a little snack plate with a sandwich thin spread with hummus, a red pepper (didn’t eat the whole thing, I think the hummus had gone bad!), and a spinach pancake. That was a frozen product but it only had about 6 ingredients and tasted SO great.

I think I’m going bowling later today but I really hope not. Bowling alley’s never have any healthy choices and the ‘rents will probably want to go out to eat afterwards. I’m really more comfortable making my own food.

What about you? Do you prefer preparing your own meals or having someone else prepare them for you?

So Many Cats

27 Aug

Continuing my story where I left off leads me to the adoption center. I was ready to be shot down for not being 18 years old yet but when I got there, they said they needed cat socializers and that I was welcome to come in over the weekends. I had been looking forward to it for so long and taking care of those cats DID NOT disappoint. I didn’t even notice how fast the time was passing, but more on that in a bit.

The cats all had unique personalities, it was like a sitcom!

(BEWARE: If you don’t like listening to people talking about cats, this post is not for you! Scroll to the end where I have food pictures and life updates and such.)


First, we had Tessa. She acted like she hated the world but you could totally tell she was a sweetheart and whenever I rubbed her neck, she would purr so much, the whole bench shook! (Don’t tell the others, but she’s my favorite)


Next up was Lily. She was totally adorable. I would pet her with one hand and then she would flip over on her back and start chewing on my fingers. It was the cutest thing!


And Emme! Gosh, she was cute and SO FLUFFY. Emme was lucky enough to be adopted by a nice older lady today. Hope she likes her new home!


Tandy! She looked like an angel, I swear. I just wanted to pick her up and snuggle with her but she didn’t like me very much.


WALLY. Oh my goodness, was this cat every fat! I kept thinking of a dark haired Garfield. I would wave toys in front of him, trying to get him to play with me but he was SO lazy. And I totally made a rookie mistake and gave him a treat when he gave me the puppy dog eyes (or would it be kitty cat eyes)? He’s supposed to be watching his weight, you see.


Zoya was so creepy when she would just stare at me. But she was a doll, once you got past her shyness. And it was sort of funny to see whenever she got frightened and jumped!


Seriously though, she was the shyest thing ever. I’m just trying to take your picture, Zoya!


Tiger was like a teddy-bear in cat form. Adorable and snuggly and cuddly and all those types of words.


Apparently, there was a trick to telling these two (Laya and Louis) apart but I never could! Not to mention the fact that they were constantly flying across the room! These two were definitely the trouble-makers of the group; they were always trying to start a fight or rip into a bag of treats.


Okay, so this one doesn’t seem to the white spot between his eyes which means it’s Laya… or wait… maybe I remember that wrong and this is Louis? I DON’T KNOW!


Don’t be tricked by his adorable face, Cole hated me! I have bite marks all over my leg and pretty dress. Well, a lot of the bite marks were from him but if I’m honest, they all bit and scratched! Better get used to me cats, I’ll be here pretty darn often.

The time with the cats, like I mentioned, whizzed past.  It was 4 o clock before I got home and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet. Can you say STARVING?


Luckily, my parents are awesome and brought me tofu sushi! Gosh, I love this stuff. Three of the rolls have a little soy sauce on them and the fourth has Annie’s Barbeque Sauce. At first, I didn’t like the sauce but it’s definitely grown on me and YUM.


After an hour biking and 6 hours without eating, that sushi wasn’t enough! I stole some of the eggplant leftovers and holy crap! They got BETTER the next day. The tomato ended up being pretty grainy so I didn’t finish it. Shame, I usually love tomatoes!

Now I’m sitting at home, trying not to over heat and planning a green monster with figs for dinner.

Have you done any volunteer work?

I think it’s super rewarding and INSANELY fun. But I’m obsessed with all things cat.